Monday, November 30, 2009

New Tradition

I love having a young family and creating new traditions that are 'ours'; something we didn't necessarily get from my side or M*'s.

I think W*, K*, S* and I started a new one today.

Last year I saw this idea in a magazine, and found this link this year. So after promising to do it for over a week, we finally did it today.

It was great fun and ooooohhhh the smell is wonderful. The only change we'll make is have it be an All Saints' Day activity since it takes up to 6 weeks to fully create. That way we'll be able to display it from our mantle or Christmas tree and bask in the aroma.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthdays & Holidays

There's a lot of partying going on at our house these days. Between holidays and birthdays, the autumn/winter is a fun time for us.

It's hard to believe W* & K* are 4! After opening presents the three of them set up a tea party, even inviting the dinosaurs. My parents got them stools, so the stage was set!

When the birthday cake topic came up I suggested we just have one cake since two would make us sick. So now, how to decorate it? W* wanted a dinosaur cake and K* wanted a rainbow cake. So we split up the white cake mix into four bowls and colored them blue, red, yellow and green, then put them in the cake pan. K* was thrilled. Then I came to the computer to look for an easy dinosaur picture I could attempt to copy. Instead I found this (follow this link to watch the video).
It was perfect and so easy. Of course you make accommodations for what you don't have and even with that, ours turned out pretty close to theirs. After some duckpin bowling, the twins felt their birthday was the best ever.

**Meanwhile ... an update on Thanksgiving**
Our Thanksgiving was so fun. Living far from family makes holidays a little different, but thanks to friends, we always have fun. We got up and went to some friends' house for breakfast. It's a family tradition for them and fun to experience ourselves. We then headed over to the Elder's Quorum Turkey Bowl. It was so fun. We got home, prepared the last of our dinner and then had a terrific feast. After some phone calls to family we felt the tryptophan kick in. What a wonderful holiday. We are so blessed.
Now let the Christmas holidays begin!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Libraries and Accessories

Every Sunday night I do a little week prep. I'll write down what my plans are, meals, to-do's, etc. Don't worry, it's not as organized as it sounds, but it's one of those residual habits from my mission.

One of these activities includes making a list of library books we'll check out for the week to coincide with our preschool theme for the week. Monday's are our library days and I absolutely love our local library. I don't think I ever appreciated the library like I do now that I have children. I have a suggested book list from a preschool website I follow and usually our library has a good number of the suggestions. But also what I love is the library passes (although we're banned from that for 73 more days:(, but that's another story), audio books, storytimes, activities, play area. I love that you can place a book on hold; that you can request a book from another library and they'll notify my account and email me when it's ready for pick-up. I mean, what else can you ask for? (sorry Dad, for ending in a preposition). Wasn't Benjamin Franklin's idea of a public lending library marvelous!


On another topic ... Sophie's starting to accessorize. It's actually pretty funny. Her latest addition to her daily outfit is a freezer storage container I keep with the tupperware. She comes up to me and says 'hat'. It fits perfectly on her 97th percentile head.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Word Girl

At our house we're big fans of PBS. The problem sometimes is that there are so many great shows, with only a small allotted TV-time schedule. So we pick and choose accordingly. Also since our children are so small I just write off some of the shows. One of those written off is 'Word Girl'. As a disclaimer, the show is probably very educational, but something I'm not interested in for them now.

Anyhow ... some day, some way, Wes and Kate caught a few minutes of it and now Wes is obsessed. Everyday he insists I put a red dishtowel around his neck so he can be 'Word Girl'. So I said, "Wes, you're a boy, so why don't we call you Word Boy." But he wasn't having any of it. He grabs his horse, puts on his $1 Elmo backpack from Aunt Karen, and runs around the house declaring his super-heroism.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Primary Program

We knew it would be an interesting day and wondered if Wes and Kate would remember their parts. As it turned out, we were not disappointed.

Today was the Primary Program for our ward. We've been practicing our speaking parts for a few weeks and pretty much got them down pat. Wes was seated on one side of the stage with his teacher, and Kate on the other side with her teacher. Matt leaned over and said, "should we be concerned that our children have to sit by their teachers?"

The program was wonderful. We have the best music people and teachers ever. Wes and Kate did really well with their parts and sang really well. Wes was a little angel. He was reverent and attentive and just a handsome little guy. Kate meanwhile matched, if not bested, her Father's Day performance, meaning she effectively sang louder than all of the Primary. Now we've just got to get it so she can sing on tune all of the time and with a little more reverence. It was great though. Definitely one of those moments when you're bursting at the seams as a parent. What a joy it is to see your children up on the stage singing and interacting with other children! And to top it off, they're learning eternal principles.

Meanwhile in the audience Sophie tried to make a run for the stage a couple times and danced along to the music and kept trying to turn off the lights (maybe we should sit in a different bench). Oh boy, here we go. Looks like we've got another outgoing/non-shy daughter on our hands:), or maybe just a busy toddler.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I shouldn't put it off any longer even though I'm yawning up a storm ... I'll make it quick.

Halloween was fun and busy. With soon-to-be-4-year olds, this is a fantastic holiday. We attended our ward's trunk or treat, went to a Halloween party playgroup, and had a fun night of going house to house in our neighborhood, or at least Matt did, I had candy-handing-out duty.

Here are Glinda, Dorothy, and the Tinman.

We also had fun with pumpkins and caramel apples.
Welcome November! We're glad you're here.