Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re-living childhood

I just love re-living my childhood through my own children. Here's a perfect example tonight. Wes was in the bathtub, nose just millimeters away from the faucet, sticking out his tongue at his own reflection. Don't you remember doing that exact same thing? I do. Suddenly I time-warped back 30 years to my first discovery of how that was really cool.

It rained today, and although we're used to it by now, we still don't have the proper rain gear for our children. But we played in it anyway. We went on our almost-daily bike ride/walk (W & K on big wheels, S in the stroller with me jogging to keep up with the hoodiloos), around the corner and down the street to a public basketball court. The court's surface is wavy/hilly, I'm not exactly sure why, other than it rains a ton here and I'm sure surfaces can only take so much over the years; but the small hilliness of it is why we frequent it after a rainfall. Puddles gather and our little adventurers love it. They make tire tracks with their bikes and Sophie ends up washing her face in it, every time. We took some sidewalk chalk along with us and had a grand time.
While there I kept thinking, "wow, they're really getting wet", but then again I thought, "I remember wading through puddles with my canvas shoes and feeling my socks soak up water like a sponge." So I hope they're making memories that they'll look back on too, no matter how ordinary they may be. Plus there's nothing like a warm bath after fun in the puddles.

I've also come to the conclusion that for the first few years of our children's lives, they're going to be the same thing for Halloween for two years in a row. I don't think they'll mind these first few years, maybe by the time they're 8 they'll say, "heyyyy, wait a minute ... I was this last year." Wes and Kate were the same thing last year as the year before, but that was because I didn't get on the stick early enough, using our move as an excuse. And it will work again this year because we'll be in a new place next year.

So I went to get the first of the material tonight. Sophie will be Dorothy; Kate, Glinda (she wants to be a princess, so we're using this as the princess option); Wes, the tinman; Matt, the scarecrow; Me, the wicked witch - although I think I'll bypass the green makeup. Doesn't every mom have to be a witch for Halloween at some point? I think it's an unwritten rule.

I figure I'll get started on the costumes and if I find they're beyond my sewing capabilities I'll be saved by my mother, who's coming to visit in October (surprise Mom! You didn't know 'sewing' might be on the agenda:)) No, actually Kate's is all done, minus some sort of sweater or shawl, for the weather. We got a great hand-me-down pink dress that she absolutely loves and it's a perfect princess costume. Add a crown and I think we're in business. For Matt's scarecrow costume I have an African Traditional outfit from my mission that is about 5 sizes too big and very manly looking. So I figure just add a little straw or raffia out the sleeves and make him a floppy felt hat (he's so going to love this;)). And I don't think a witches costume for me needs to be complex. So it's Sophie and Wes' costumes that I need to get going on. But I'm so excited.
So here's to childhood! Once for our own, and once for our children's, who gratefully, allow us to experience ours again with them. (commas were never my forte, sorry about the misuse of them ... I keep saying I'm going to email my HS English teacher for a refresher course, or maybe just google the proper usage;))

Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Miss Independent

Sophie has become very vocal lately. I guess she's trying to tell me that she's her own person and wants to be her on her own a little more and more. It's happened over the last couple of weeks and I thought I needed to document it since I haven't done as good a job keeping track of her milestones.

I can't remember when Wes and Kate decided to feed themselves, but Sophie is officially on her own now. She's eaten finger food for a while, but that isn't good enough for her now. She kept grabbing my utensils from off the table and using them, so I thought, "Oh yeah, I probably should let her feed herself now". Do other mom's do that? I hope I haven't stunted her development because I haven't thought to introduce regular things into her life. Although, she's getting very proficient with a toothbrush;).

So our little Sophie isn't so little anymore and it makes me a little sad. It's really amazing how quickly a child develops; and since it's right before our eyes, sometimes we don't realize it how fast it is.


I mentioned a couple days ago we did the 'clothes change-out'. Meaning, our cooler weather has prompted me to pull out the fall clothes for the next age up (what do you know, it was in the 80s today:)).

I LOVE doing this, and every time I do, I almost get teary-eyed and my heart swells with gratitude. We have been so blessed by family and friends who share their clothes. I feel like I walk downstairs into a department store. We truly have been blessed by the generosity of others. We've literally saved hundreds and I'm sure even reaching thousands of dinero now with all the clothes. We even came back with an extra bag from Utah, since we had space for another carry-on, that was stuffed with 5 year old stuff for Kate for the future.

I'm the youngest and pretty much the last to have children on my side of the family so we've been the beneficiary of clothing from my sister and sister-in-law; Matt's sisters have been generous with their hand-me-downs; I had a friend at my Logan radio statio who had a boy who's one year older than Wes, and so he was loaded up with his clothes that were practically new; We have friends in Logan with a boy 3 years older than Wes and so we got his clothes for 18 months-2years age. And here, we have a friend who just brought clothes over from another friend for Kate up to age 7.

I haven't had to buy more than a couple dozen items per child since birth (socks, underwear, shirts, shorts, pants, swimsuits, pj's ... EVERYTHING!) and I'm truly thankful.

Inevitably, when we break out the new containers of clothing, a dress-up party ensues. So Kate spotted some 6T snowpants that she tried to convince me were 'just my size, Mom!'. Wes then pulled out his winter gear and sported a new vest from the boy container. Sophie's just along for the ride and loving all the action.

So thank you, and boy, my kids sure look cute!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer's Gone?!

It has been forever since we've posted and everyday that goes by I find it harder to start again. But I'll mention a few short things here before getting serious again.

We've had a great summer and can hardly believe it's over. It's been so comfortable, weather-wise, lately, that we did the whole 'change out the summer clothes for the autumn ones' routine today (I've got some funny pics about that, that I'll share another time maybe).

We spent four weeks in Utah and enjoyed time with family and friends. And it's amazing that even with all that time we managed to not get our paths crossed with all of our friends. But that seems to be how traveling goes.

Here's a sampling of what we did:
1-Lamb Day softball tournament
2-Lamb Day fun run
3-Lamb Day parade ... basically everything Lamb Day-oriented. (I'll make no links here, for time's sake. If you're really that interested then do a quick Lamb day google to see what I'm talking about.)
4-Family reunion.
5-Family reunion (a different one and just as fun!)
6-Fruit picking and juicing.
7-Hot tubbing
8-Went to Logan (twice)
9-Flaming Gorge - ran the river.
10-Visited KMTI Radio four times.
11-Picked up sweetheart turkey roasts and pot roasts at the Moroni Feed Turkey Plant that we smuggled in our suitcases - still rock hard when we got home:).
12-Enjoyed Matt's sister's wedding and all the festivities that came with it. Welcome to the family Kyle!
13-Played with Grandma's/Grandpa's/Cousins constantly and just had a great time. We couldn't have done it without the help of family and friends for the car seats used, car borrowed for a month, food eaten, beds slept in, and hosting given. Most sincere thanks.

Four weeks is long for anywhere while living out of a suitcase, but we loved it (although 3 weeks was the consensus for future trips, when we later discussed it).

We are happy to be home and back in the groove of life.