Wednesday, June 24, 2009


An article in our local newspaper last week said it had rained 26 of the last 46 days. And according to my records it's rained at least once a day since then, so the standing water in our front lawn just keeps getting deeper.

I found another side effect of this when I went downstairs to do laundry today. Our cement floors are being penetrated by the ground water levels, so there are spots that are quite damp. I think this is why many New England basements aren't finished. So I'm trying to figure out how to move boxes in certain areas that aren't affected ... yet. But boy, it's sure beautiful outside - sometimes I feel like we live in the tropics.

I understand much of Utah has seen an unsually rainy few months as well.

***As a side note, Matt reads and sings to our children at bedtime and as I was passing their bedroom this is what I heard ...

Matt: "What do you want to sing now?"
Wes: "Frosty"
Matt: "We already sang Frosty."
Kate: "Mamma Mia"
Matt: "Okay."

Then Kate sings the first line to ABBA's Mamma Mia.

So I guess Matt's playlist expands a little farther out than my 'Wheels on the Bus' or 'Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam'. Should I be concerned? ;)


jill said...

Sounds like our house. Dave sings just about everything, from the Beatles to bands I don't even know. I stick to the Primary songbook.

I'm impressed Kate knows "Mamma Mia". Good job, Matt.

angie said...

ABBA is great! Just as long as she hasn't actually seen the movie! Everything is so green here, I can only imagine what it is like there. By the way, I am impressed that you have updated so often lately. :) I love it!