Thursday, June 25, 2009

Steve Songs

We just got back from a fun concert with Steve Songs. Those of you with young children who love PBS will appreciate who he is. We were surprised to find out that he lives in our very own city and gives a concert for the library every year. What are the chances of that? All along we've been neighbors (well not actual neighbors) to a celebrity!

It was the kick-off of our local library's summer reading program for children. The concert was a complimentary celebration that Wes and Kate have been looking forward to all month.

Thankfully the skies dried up today so it could be held outside and we enjoyed it with a couple hundred other young families with children bouncing up and down and singing to this one-man-guitar act. He really does such a great job and we loved it.

We left a few minutes early because Sophia was not enjoying it as much as the others. Kate was kind of disappointed because she'd been practicing a certain song that Steve sings about soccer and she wanted to go up after the concert and sing it to him. I'm sure it would've been really cute, but she was okay with it because we told her we were going to go for ice cream instead:). Wes meanwhile, was just all about the guitar. He kept saying, 'there's the guitar! there's the guitar!' What a fun night.


Chavonne said...

Their first concert! How exciting! How lucky for you guys. Sounds like they had fun and appreciated it

angie said...

I have never heard of Steve Song, but it sounds like fun. I will have to turn on PBS sometime. My kids are all about Disney and Nick these days, if they watch anything. So far this summer we haven't watched much TV...hopefully we can keep that ball rolling!