Friday, June 19, 2009

I have a friend who posts something almost everyday and I love to check her blog, even when it's just pretty normal stuff. I'm not sure I'll be able to follow suit, mainly because I read everyone else's posts and then am too tired to add mine, but here are some fun things we've done lately.

*Wesley finished his school year (Mar-June) of speech therapy. He absolutely loved it. I think part of it is the fact that he went alone, w/o Kate, and I'm sure sometimes as a twin you'd like something that's just yours. And that's exactly what's happened ... he's very possessive of 'Ms. D'Amato' and includes her in his daily prayers. He gave her some roses from our yard for their last lesson, I should've taken a picture it was so cute.

*Sophia's loving ice cream cones right now. I bought some cones the other day and she loves that this is a food I let her hold herself, just don't forget the bib like I did here!

*Kate has really matured the last couple months. Although a 3 year old can't totally be reasoned with, I'm able to explain things to her and tell her directions/consequences/etc., and she's fairly ready to accept them. She's such a great helper and loves anybody and everybody. She's still very determined, strong-willed, and bounces off walls when anyone comes to visit, but Matt and I are amazed at how she's growing up so much!

*Matt's been working hard while not officially 'working'. He doesn't have classes this summer but is keeping busy writing a paper and getting everything wrapped up at USU . He's also been a faithful attendee at the school gym, which is always very healthy:). He's really excited for our long visit to the mountains of home. He says his only concern is the 'getting there part', since we've never flown with three small children before. But we've gotten lots of great advice from friends who have/and regularly do, fly.

*We went to another baseball game at our local AA NBL affiliate. Since the Red Socks games are either impossible or way expensive to get tickets I've been looking at the $5 Yankee tickets or perhaps looking for a Mets game ... eventhough going south requires a lot more planning because of the mass of humanity that is New York City.

*I set a goal this spring to run in two 5K road races this summer and last night was the first. I had butterflies that whole day (it was a night race). This is the first run I've done in 11 years. I've been training for the last two months and haven't really enjoyed it, but setting a goal of running in two races has forced me to exercise consistently. The run was beautiful even though it rained the whole time. I wasn't the last runner. Close ... but not last. And I'm happy that I came in under my predicted time of 38:55 (32:45 actual). Thanks to Matt and the little ones for playing in the rain while waiting for me! (I was running so fast that Matt couldn't get a good picture:)).


color life said...

your blog is good .
I like it.

angie said...

Way to go on the running! Your kids are seriously so cute! I can tell they belong to you. :)

BertB said...

I'm so proud of you for completing a 5K. What an accomplishment! I like your updates of "everyday life".

Amber Baker said...

Way to go! That is awesome!

Brittanie said...

Go Heather!! I'm not a runner but I did do a 5K a couple years ago and it was bearable because of all the beauty I was able to look at as I jogged! Those are some cute kids you have!!