Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 hours alone

I was given a great gift by Matt this week, 3 hours to do whatever I wanted. Don't get me wrong ... he does his share of being a parent, but this was his idea for me to have 3 hours of whatever. It was heavenly! I came home refreshed and blabbering about all the great things I got to do and got done.

I first went to the library, picked out a desk , then skimmed through a couple of magazines I've wanted to look at. I read some from a parenting book and then gathered my things and hit the road.

The next couple of hours were spent running errands. It's amazing how much you can get done without anyone else with you. I won't go into details about everything ... okay maybe just one. I'm a big coupon-er, and with pharmacies and lots of choices of stores along the turnpike where we live, I'm never in need of finding a deal (if we need it, of course:)).

This purchase cost me $14.98 and I just received confirmation that I will receive a $17.48 rebate check for it. So I got these items for free + $3. I know this is a waste of time for some people, but if I find a deal that's worth it, it's a fun hobby for me.

I love my little Wesley, Kate and Sophia. And I love them even more when I come home refreshed from a 'mommy-only trip'.


jill said...

Ditto. Getting things done with kids in tow takes at least three times as long as it does otherwise. Good stories usually come from trips with them but once in awhile I completely agree that it's nice to run errands by yourself. Hooray for Matt! A genius gift idea.

angie said...

What a good 3 hours! I really need to get into the coupon thing. I know there are great deals out there to be had! Glad you are a refreshed mommy. :)

Amber Baker said...

Amen to that...I love coupon shopping too.

Michelle said...

So great! Not only to have 3 hours of Heather time, but to get an awesome deal as that! Way to go!