Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

What a fun weekend we've had, and it seems like it should last one more day. Usually Memorial Day is a big day for my side of the family with decorating graves in Cache Valley for both sets of my grandparents. But since we're not there right now we celebrated the beginning of summer with good friends.

No pictures, so just imagine ...

We started off at our church friend's house for a BYOM cookout. Our ward's picnic was canceled/postponed and so some of our social butterfly friends didn't let that stop them and organized a mini ward picnic. It was so fun and all of the little ones loved playing and running in the sun.

Then we headed off to some of our work colleague/ friends' house for another bbq. They had just gotten a new 'playscape' (Eastern-ese for playground) and wanted all of our group of friend's children to break it in. They had a blast and we ate more great food and relaxed for another hour or two.

Needless to say ... not more than 30-45 seconds in the car and Sophie was practically snoring, she was so wiped out. Another minute or two and Kate was out. Wes tried valiantly to stay awake but soon succumed to the vigors of the day.

What a great day. Thanks to those ancestors and patriots who preceeded us in this great nation to make days like these possible.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

3 hours alone

I was given a great gift by Matt this week, 3 hours to do whatever I wanted. Don't get me wrong ... he does his share of being a parent, but this was his idea for me to have 3 hours of whatever. It was heavenly! I came home refreshed and blabbering about all the great things I got to do and got done.

I first went to the library, picked out a desk , then skimmed through a couple of magazines I've wanted to look at. I read some from a parenting book and then gathered my things and hit the road.

The next couple of hours were spent running errands. It's amazing how much you can get done without anyone else with you. I won't go into details about everything ... okay maybe just one. I'm a big coupon-er, and with pharmacies and lots of choices of stores along the turnpike where we live, I'm never in need of finding a deal (if we need it, of course:)).

This purchase cost me $14.98 and I just received confirmation that I will receive a $17.48 rebate check for it. So I got these items for free + $3. I know this is a waste of time for some people, but if I find a deal that's worth it, it's a fun hobby for me.

I love my little Wesley, Kate and Sophia. And I love them even more when I come home refreshed from a 'mommy-only trip'.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swimming Weather

We did a little exploring today and it turned out to be fun field trip. Too bad I didn't take the camera.

We ... Wes, Kate, Sophie and I ... decided to head south after dropping Matt off at school. We ended up in the 'official center'of the state, appropriately called Middletown. There was a state park there that we stopped at and enjoyed playing in the water and feeling the warm rays of the sun. The only way I got the kids to get back in the car was a promise to break out the swimming pool.

So here we are in our backyard, enjoying the 80 degree weather today. Fun times.

In the back of this picture you can see our meager offering of a garden ... peas and carrots planted in an 8" strip against our screened in porch. Matt's taken out some old remnants of bushes along our back fence in hopes of finding success with tomatoes and onions. And then as I was making dinner tonight reality struck as I used the second to last quart of green beans for our Shepherd's Pie, not to mention no more spaghetti sauce jars (although there are about 15 store bought cans). Oh how I miss a real garden! But at least we have 50+ pints of beets ;). As of a couple weeks ago there was still one more plot left at the community garden in our town ... the plot that doesn't grow anything (according to parks and rec lady). Maybe we'll have to give them a call anyway and try to grow something!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Philadelphia PA

I've been meaning to post some of these pictures for over a month now but haven't done it. For Spring Break we went to Philadelphia and had so much fun! We were able to see quite a bit of history without the children being too out of control. We wanted to watch National Treasure before we went, but ended up watching it after and saying, "Oh, we were there, and there and there." It was so much fun.

The weather cooperated fairly well. It was a bit brisk, but at least not rainy and totally cold. Some of the sites we saw were the Liberty Bell,

Independence Hall,

the Philadelphia Children's Museum (where we learned that Kate is terrified of life size dinosaur models:)).

We also saw the Constitution Museum,

had lunch in the park,

saw the U.S. Mint,

the Betsy Ross House,

Elfreth's Alley (America's Oldest Residential Neighborhood),

and the Rocky statue. I was driving and going around and around a round-a-bout, while Matt was trying to get a picture of the statue. It's total luck that he got this picture!

It's definitely a place we'd like to visit again.