Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Haircuts are usually a soap opera around our house, at least when it's Wes' turn for one. But this week he willingly got up on the stool and sat through the whole thing without having a breakdown. So Kate wanted to know when her turn one was. So we did a trim today. What beauties they are! Sophie's not to be left out. No cuts for her, but just cute faces! (Kate's hair is really not as uneven as the picture shows!)


angie said...

Cute kids, Heather! I am impressed with the cuts. Steve does the boys hair, but I take Brooke somewhere. I am not very brave.

Amber Baker said...

They are darling. I need to have you teach me to trim and french braid when you are in town in July!

Abbi said...

Your kids are so beautiful!