Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warmer Weather

Warmer weather means lots of things... but to us it has meant short sleeves, bicycle rides (good thing Sophia's head is big enough to fit in a 3-year old helmet:)), trips to the zoo, beautiful flowers and trees and fast growing pea and carrot plants.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Matt never reads this blog so I'm safe to give him a birthday wish to which he won't be embarrassed. He warned me a month ago not to do so, but I'll be brief.

We had a wonderful Sunday including church, naps for him and the little ones, a nice birthday dinner, opening of presents and a Sunday walk.

Last night as the children were romping on our bed, we both felt so grateful for our lively family.

Matt is a kind, generous, and loyal man. He doesn't like attention, but is getting better about accepting it. He's a true country boy and always will be. And I love him for it.

Happy 36!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm Thankful for ...

1 - Primary teachers who love my children and teach them correct principles.

2 - A Newly walking little girl who is just so cute I could eat her up.

3 - A new calling in our ward (Nursery Leader) for which I'm so excited because we had the Church's BEST Nursery Leader's in N.L. who taught me that it is a calling to be magnified not pitied.

4 - Old movies. Current Favorite at our house is "7Brides for 7Brothers". Wes sings the best version of "Bless Your Beautiful Hide".

5 - A Husband who loves me despite my daily quirks.
*Side note: We got the Deseret Book Catalog in the mail a couple days ago and Matt started chuckling at one point. I said, "what's so funny?" and he showed me this ...

No ... I didn't swat him for it, I laughed too because it's so true of me. I often tell him so. And then I told him I have to have a copy. ;)

6 - A sweet little boy who says with his big puppy dog eyes, "Mommy, my so sorry" (pronoun thing is not quite down yet), when he puts Matt's flash drive into some unknown and unblocked opening in our computer tower. It contains all of Matt's lectures and lab-rewrites on it. Luckily after one flashlight, one screwdriver, and many minutes of trying to take the tower apart without damaging the whole system, the flash drive emerged, unharmed.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

LDS General Conference

Here's to hoping you are all having a wonderful weekend! I LOVE General Conference!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Twins will be twins

Wes and Kate spent part of the morning in our backyard. I went to check on them and discovered their latest adventure. As I was taking this video I thought, "I really should stop them before they get hurt." But I didn't and they had so much fun. What they're riding down are the doors that open to our basement.


Haircuts are usually a soap opera around our house, at least when it's Wes' turn for one. But this week he willingly got up on the stool and sat through the whole thing without having a breakdown. So Kate wanted to know when her turn one was. So we did a trim today. What beauties they are! Sophie's not to be left out. No cuts for her, but just cute faces! (Kate's hair is really not as uneven as the picture shows!)