Friday, March 27, 2009

Wow! Has it really been 1 year?!!?

Our little Sophia turned one year old yesterday and I still can't believe it. Last night after all the festivities, I said to Matt, "Can you believe she's one? But yet it seems like she's been with us forever."

We started the day opening mail/presents from our family.

Dad then went off to work and we got ready for the day. About mid-morning I announced to Wes and Kate, "Well, let's figure out what cake we're going to make for Sophie." This shows how much I actually plan birthday celebrations, but they always end up being an adventure, which this surely was.

I went to the internet and found this cake from Family Fun Magazine.

Now I'm realistic enough to know that I really can't make a cake like this (lack of patience, skill, and time), but I thought I'd attempt a version of it. I printed the instructions and went to the kitchen. First problem ... we don't own any round cake pans. But never fear, I have tons of different sized bread pans, so let's just make it rectangular!

I got the cakes baked and was making the icing when Sophie decided to have her first bite. I had my back turned to her and didn't notice what was going on. But this is what it looked like.

She's a smartie and had gotten two hands-ful of cake and didn't regret it one bit!

After about 4 hours of in and out of the kitchen and not really caring how the cake turned out at this point (she'd already enjoyed it anyway), here was the finished product.

Dad came home early because he was making Sophie's birthday dinner, and soon we were partaking and enjoying! We ended the evening by watching National Treasure, since we just got back from Philadelphia (I'll post about that soon). The children were all asleep within 15 minutes, but Matt and I enjoyed it.

We love this little girl! She is our little angel. We all love hearing her in the morning and descending upon her crib as Wes and Kate say, "the sun is out Sophie!" Of course she loves to be the spotlight and greets us with happy noises only a baby can make.

Enjoy our baby Sophia ...

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I've gotten tired of pulling up my blog and not seeing a post for a while, so I'll quickly post this just because it's so funny.

Lately we've been going to the library about 2x's a week and have enjoyed checking out fun books and movies. This week I finally got Cinderella - Kate's been wanting to see it for a while. But after having it in our home for two days I took it back. The reason why? Kate's response to quite a few things I say to her is, "Yes, Stepmother." I know it's harmless, but she gets this submissive, servant-type of look with big puppy dog eyes as if to say she's obeying because she's under an iron fist. Such drama! How does a 3-year come up with such things? I have to be so careful because she's such a sponge and remembers everything!