Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaves and MORE leaves!

We of course realize that living in New England brings beauty beyond comparison in the Autumn, but I think one looses sight easily that leaves = work! For the last two weeks I've been raking about 952,345 leaves a day in preparation for the city's big vacuum to come and suck them up. I went on the city's website and found out that it would come to our street Nov 10-15, and again Dec 1-5. Yes, there needs to be two runs of the beast because there are that many leaves.

So Matt took pity on me one day and went into work a couple hours late so he could help me get the leaves to the curb. After raking for an hour I huffed and puffed and said, "Wow, is this what it's like to rake continuously for 60 minutes?" I'm used to 5 minutes here, then breaking up a tussle between W and K, and five minutes there, then going and taking the leaves out of Sophie's mouth that she's managed to grab while I wasn't looking.

So here's what it looked like ... not as impressive on camera as in real life, but nonetheless, something we didn't experience in Utah. The rain really helped pack them down, so they didn't look as insurmountable as when they were dry. Just imagine the streets lined with leaves ... some people will put up posts with netting in the yards to keep the leaves from blowing all over the place. And Wow! It's nice to see our lawn again! It's been hidden under 5 inches of leaves for the past few weeks.


The Davies Family said...

hahahaha..I have to laugh because its soo true..but I don't have to rake them up so I have to smile and say..'keep up the good work, I'll be back later to check on you.'

jon and marni said...

I like the city!

Say, can you email me your gmail address so that I can invite you to our blog. Or maybe I can just use your other email? Which would you prefer???? (: m

Amber Baker said...

Holy Cow! I just raked a couple from our small yard and I was like "that's enough!" Good job, you got your cardio in that day!

Michelle said...

Holy cow! Who knew there could be so many leaves! Good work, Heather!

rachbug said...

Hey Heather! I just saw a link to you on Amy Cragun's blog and popped over to see. It sounds like you are having good times. I am jealous of all the neat places you are going. What a blast! If you want to see our blog email me @