Monday, November 10, 2008

Follow the red brick line

We took a trip to Boston this past weekend and knew that it would be one of our last opportunities to do some outside site-seeing before the weather's too tough to handle with our crew. So we did the tourist-y thing of walking the Freedom Trail. It's a trail that was created 50 years ago that directs you to a dozen early American History sites across a 2.5-3 mile path (one-way). So we took the double stroller, the child carrier backpack, a lunch, water and coats, and away we went.

Are you ready to see some of the sites?! Lace up your shoes and join us.

The Freedom trail starts (at least if you start at this end) at Boston Commons, a large park with plenty o' trees, playgrounds, and squirrels.

The trail is marked by a red line, or a red brick trail in some areas. This is to show you where to stop and see the sites. Kind of cool.

From here the trail leads to the state capitol where our friend Mitt presided a few years ago. We took a short cut and didn't see it on the way, but caught it coming back (no photo though, I'm sure you can imagine what a state capitol looks like).

One of the first stops is a cemetery where Paul Revere is buried, along with Benjamin Franklin's parents, and Mother Goose ... did you know she was an actual person? We didn't, but were soon educated on the topic.

W and K at Paul Revere's headstone.

And you know at Halloween when we see the RIP, and skull and crossbones on really thin headstones. Guess what, they're based on real headstones of yester-century! We were educated once again.

We learned that it just signifies death and to remind the living that they, too, will die, someday.

I won't post every site, but here's the Old City Hall where Benjamin Franklin went to school.

Below is the USS Constitution, also known as 'Old Ironsides'. It still is in commission by the US Navy and is the oldest commissioned ship in the world.

I'll skip to the end and show you Bunker Hill. This monument was built a few years after the battle at Bunker Hill and has 294 steps you can climb to the top to see outside the small windows. We passed on the offer but enjoyed the view from below.

Below, is a picture of some of the streets we passed while on our walk. Really beautiful in the fall, and pretty typical of the residential areas we saw on the way.

By the end of the 5-6 mile walk/hike, Mom and Dad were tired, but the kids were still smiling (I would too, if I got to ride in a cart and have a nap along the way). We had a lot of fun and expect to be back again.


jill said...

Ahhh...the red line through Boston. Good memories. Lots of walking. Sore feet. The USS Constitution was my favorite site. You guys are really packing in the visits! So impressed!
p.s. RJ tried to tell me the other day that "Wes and Kate live far away. They live in CHINA!!" Yow! No worries. We cleared it up. Maybe.

The Davies Family said...

Love Boston!! So many fun memories..who knows maybe we'll end up there one day permanently. What a fun trip! Lucky you live so close!

cragun family said...

I loved the freedom trail! Your lucky you live so close to the haw' bers, as they say in boston. I would love a little Legal seafood. That was quite the walk! Way to go!