Friday, November 28, 2008

We're Famous!

Thanks to my amazing computer friend in Clinton, I'm now able to present our picture which happily resides on the Logan Regional Hospital part of the IHC website, and on a billboard in Salt Lake (we hear).

About one week after Sophie was born, our friend, who works for LRH, asked if we could come in and take pictures for an upcoming brochure. So we did. It was a stretch though, because you know how much Matt loves the camera! Anyway, they turned out fine and we forgot about them. Then Matt gets a call this week from his sister saying her husband saw our picture on a billboard, going into Salt Lake! So even though we're no longer in Utah, we're there in spirit (and on a billboard)!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sophie's on the move!

Time to move everything from the bottom shelf, up! Sophie's crawling and putting everything in her mouth ... uh oh.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaves and MORE leaves!

We of course realize that living in New England brings beauty beyond comparison in the Autumn, but I think one looses sight easily that leaves = work! For the last two weeks I've been raking about 952,345 leaves a day in preparation for the city's big vacuum to come and suck them up. I went on the city's website and found out that it would come to our street Nov 10-15, and again Dec 1-5. Yes, there needs to be two runs of the beast because there are that many leaves.

So Matt took pity on me one day and went into work a couple hours late so he could help me get the leaves to the curb. After raking for an hour I huffed and puffed and said, "Wow, is this what it's like to rake continuously for 60 minutes?" I'm used to 5 minutes here, then breaking up a tussle between W and K, and five minutes there, then going and taking the leaves out of Sophie's mouth that she's managed to grab while I wasn't looking.

So here's what it looked like ... not as impressive on camera as in real life, but nonetheless, something we didn't experience in Utah. The rain really helped pack them down, so they didn't look as insurmountable as when they were dry. Just imagine the streets lined with leaves ... some people will put up posts with netting in the yards to keep the leaves from blowing all over the place. And Wow! It's nice to see our lawn again! It's been hidden under 5 inches of leaves for the past few weeks.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Follow the red brick line

We took a trip to Boston this past weekend and knew that it would be one of our last opportunities to do some outside site-seeing before the weather's too tough to handle with our crew. So we did the tourist-y thing of walking the Freedom Trail. It's a trail that was created 50 years ago that directs you to a dozen early American History sites across a 2.5-3 mile path (one-way). So we took the double stroller, the child carrier backpack, a lunch, water and coats, and away we went.

Are you ready to see some of the sites?! Lace up your shoes and join us.

The Freedom trail starts (at least if you start at this end) at Boston Commons, a large park with plenty o' trees, playgrounds, and squirrels.

The trail is marked by a red line, or a red brick trail in some areas. This is to show you where to stop and see the sites. Kind of cool.

From here the trail leads to the state capitol where our friend Mitt presided a few years ago. We took a short cut and didn't see it on the way, but caught it coming back (no photo though, I'm sure you can imagine what a state capitol looks like).

One of the first stops is a cemetery where Paul Revere is buried, along with Benjamin Franklin's parents, and Mother Goose ... did you know she was an actual person? We didn't, but were soon educated on the topic.

W and K at Paul Revere's headstone.

And you know at Halloween when we see the RIP, and skull and crossbones on really thin headstones. Guess what, they're based on real headstones of yester-century! We were educated once again.

We learned that it just signifies death and to remind the living that they, too, will die, someday.

I won't post every site, but here's the Old City Hall where Benjamin Franklin went to school.

Below is the USS Constitution, also known as 'Old Ironsides'. It still is in commission by the US Navy and is the oldest commissioned ship in the world.

I'll skip to the end and show you Bunker Hill. This monument was built a few years after the battle at Bunker Hill and has 294 steps you can climb to the top to see outside the small windows. We passed on the offer but enjoyed the view from below.

Below, is a picture of some of the streets we passed while on our walk. Really beautiful in the fall, and pretty typical of the residential areas we saw on the way.

By the end of the 5-6 mile walk/hike, Mom and Dad were tired, but the kids were still smiling (I would too, if I got to ride in a cart and have a nap along the way). We had a lot of fun and expect to be back again.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two Times is a Charm!

I don't feel guilty about having Wes and Kate be Peter Pan and Tinker Bell again this year. It saved me time and a headache, and they loved it! Okay ... I'll admit I just kept putting off costumes until it was too late, so the Friday before Halloween, and just hours before our ward trunk or treat we pulled out the costume box to see if last year's costumes would still fit. Ta Da! They did, and the kids were thrilled! Heck, they're 2 - soon-to-be-3 and don't remember last year! So this is what they looked like. (Kate was having a minor meltdown, thus her avoiding the camera).

Matt took the twins around our neighborhood, met some neighbors, and W and K were thrilled with the result!