Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rain, Forts, and Scotch-a-roos

Today was a rainy day and our playgroup trip to an apple picking farm was postponed; so what do we do on a rainy day in Connecticut? We decided to build a fort and make Scotch-a-roos, yum! I admit, I was more excited about building the fort, and W and K were more excited about tearing it down. So the pictures are pre-tear down (which took a max of 5 minutes). Plus we'll add a picture of S hanging out among the pillows and blankets.

A note on the rain. 2-3 weeks ago or so it rained 6", last weekend about 3", and today at least 1/2 - 1" in about 2 hours. Talk about water-logged. This Utah girl is feeling the elephant skin become permanent! Yesterday while mowing the lawn, each step started with a thick spploossshhhh, as I sunk a few millimeters into the ground. But we had to get it done between rain storms.


Michelle said...

I guess you guys are going to stay plenty hydrated! I love building forts! So fun!

Amber Baker said...

They look so happy!