Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our little girl is growing!

Sophia sometimes fades into the background as we run here and there trying to keep up with two, soon-to-be-3 year olds. So we want to make sure she gets the deserved attention of a post or two exclusively about her.

Sophie is our little angel. Matt was worried the other day that she favors her Mamma. So he's pointedly tried to win her over these last few days, and it's WORKING! He's played with her and teased her, and she loves it. Now when she's sitting on my lap she'll purposely look at Daddy and try to get his attention just so he'll start to make funny faces and noises at her.

She's getting to be so big and interactive now. We absolutely love this stage! She celebrated her 7 month mark this week and it's amazing how fast time goes by.

She's such a blessed addition to our family!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joseph Smith Memorial

It was another travel weekend for us last weekend. This times destination ... Vermont! Can you just picture an autumn drive to/thru Vermont. It was everything we thought it would be, and more!

Our main destination point was the Joseph Smith Memorial in Windsor County. So after putting the address in our trusty Garmin, we saw that it would take us about 2 hrs. 45 minutes. So off we went.

We got there around 11 and went to the town of South Royalton to take a break and let the kids run in the park, and then looked for a place to eat. This was pretty poignant, I think, for Matt, because his dad served his mission in this area some 40 years ago. A few times we said, "wouldn't he love to see it now!" (We just hope they can make the trip to visit us while we're here!:)) South Royalton is the home of the Vermont School of Law - and a tiny town, but you should have seen their campus. I'm covetous of an atmosphere like that. The buildings on "campus" look are probably listed on the state historical registry. They look like large homes that are very well kept. This first picture is one we took from the park.

We had lunch and then drove the 2 or 3 miles to the memorial, which greets you like this ...

Isn't that gorgee-oso!!! Ohh we were excited. So here is the memorial with visitor's center.

We went inside for a tour and watched the Joseph Smith movie (we hadn't seen it before). It was so great and we felt the spirit. So then we went outside and got a couple of great family shots.

It was a great day! To all those who want to visit us, we'd sure love to take you there!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apples, Mystic, and a Country Drive

I'm getting so far behind on my posts that I'll post what we did for fun last weekend and then have to update our jaunt this weekend at a later point.

Many of you know that we're using this blog as a journal, of sorts, while we're here in CT for what may be only one year. Matt and I decided that if this does turn out to be only a year appointment, we'd better get out and see as much of New England as we can ... which basically means being on the road every weekend. So far we've done that, minus one weekend where we were fed up with boxes and decided we HAD to stay home and get more organized. So what you're witnessing in our weekend posts is our travelogue. We hope it's not viewed as extravegance on our part, or bragging either ... we've just been documenting our adventures and sharing them with friends and family. So ... here goes ...

Our Saturday last weekend was absolutely gorgeous. As Utah was receiving its first snow in places, we were enjoying clear, blue skies with highs in the 70s. So we took advantage of the weather and went apple picking as a family with some friends.

Our friends were in charge of picking the farm that we'd visit and boy, did they pick a doosey. This farm was a serious one with the tractor guy stopping and yelling out "Jonathons, Galas, and Empires," and people would hop off the trailer if they wanted those kinds of apples. Then he'd continue on and yell out 3 or 4 other varieties. We stayed on until the last stop and found the most beautiful apples!

On the wagon.

Wes in on the action.

Rows and rows and rows.

Autumn beauty at the Apple Farm.

Then it was off to Mystic, CT, where Bogie and Bacall's honeymooned in the 40s. It's a beautiful shoreline town with the distinction and rich history of maritime activities. So we checked-out a museum pass at our local library and got into the Mystic Seaport Museum. It was such a fun place with a Lagoon-Pioneer Village-feel, without the rides. It's basically a small village that's been restored to look like what it might have looked like in the early American settlement with houses and ships you could tour.

Wes and Kate on one of the docks

A lighthouse in Mystic Harbor.

One of the three ships you can tour.

We also took a short boat ride, but decided against renting a row boat ... mainly for fear that K and W would decide to take a swim.

All in all, it was a great day. Beautiful, educational, and we ended it with a drive up one of the small highways in eastern CT. So beautiful with fall colors and small towns, barns, churches, just everything New England-ee you could imagine.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sophia's Song

This is Sophie's latest love ... singing (ahem, screeching).
(And don't worry, I did get W* more milk)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Honestly, how is this girl wired?

We've started getting the twins ready for bed an hour earlier than normal because they're gradually weaning themselves out of a nap during the day. But nonetheless, tired and totally worn out, Kate struggles and fight sleep. So this is what happened tonight. Wes is softly snoring after about 2 minutes in bed (poor little guy would still easily take a couple hour nap in the afternoon, but not so with a constant playmate by his side always wanting action!), and Kate is no where near slumberland. So I tell some stories, sing some songs and then leave the room. I take Sophie to our bedroom and feed her to get her ready for bed. While she's eating I hear sounds in the kitchen and figure Matt is getting a snack. So I finish with Sophie, put her in bed and go to check on the twins. Kate's not in her room. I round the corner to the kitchen and there she is ... bowl, spoon, and cereal in hand. When she sees me she stops dead in her tracks, gets this dramatic surprised look on her face and freezes. I ask, "Kate, what are you doing?". She keeps her dramatic look, waits a second or two, then shrugs and says, "I'm just getting breakfast." I can't help it and non-successfully supress a burst of laughter. She then of course thinks she's pretty funny and thinks that she can continue with her breakfast plans. Needless to say, after me telling her the kitchen is closed for the night she marches to the bedroom and is out like a light (1 hr 45 min after the whole process had begun).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Picking

Our playgroup does the funnest things. Yesterday we went to an apple-picking farm and then had lunch there with the aromas wafting over us of freshly baked apple pies, soups and cookies. We were also treated to a wagon ride, pulled by a tractor. The farm has a little kitchen/store that shows the baking going on in progress and let me tell you, I've never seen such highly-piled-with-apples apple pie before! The apples were literally piled 6" high before the crust was put on the top. I came home and asked Matt how realistic it would be for us to do that (have an apple farm/store) in 15 years from now. He laughed and probably put it right up there with my idea for a gas station. The kids had so much fun and loved picking out some pumpkins too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rain, Forts, and Scotch-a-roos

Today was a rainy day and our playgroup trip to an apple picking farm was postponed; so what do we do on a rainy day in Connecticut? We decided to build a fort and make Scotch-a-roos, yum! I admit, I was more excited about building the fort, and W and K were more excited about tearing it down. So the pictures are pre-tear down (which took a max of 5 minutes). Plus we'll add a picture of S hanging out among the pillows and blankets.

A note on the rain. 2-3 weeks ago or so it rained 6", last weekend about 3", and today at least 1/2 - 1" in about 2 hours. Talk about water-logged. This Utah girl is feeling the elephant skin become permanent! Yesterday while mowing the lawn, each step started with a thick spploossshhhh, as I sunk a few millimeters into the ground. But we had to get it done between rain storms.