Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tourist-y Day

After hitting the town fair we decided to visit some of the tourist sites people see when coming to Hartford. One of them was Cedar Hills Cemetery. What?! A cemetery! Yes, and this one is the final resting place of none other than Katherine Hepburn and her extended family. But this just wasn't any cemetery ... it was a true sanctuary. It's tucked away behind acres and acres of trees and ponds. It also has other famous people like Sam Colt and JP Morgan, not to mention the founding fathers of Hartford. So we walked around a bit and noticed that most all of the headstones are upright, very few are flat on the ground like in Utah.

Then we ventured into downtown Hartford. The old State House is where the first constitution was first drafted and it's right smack dab in the middle of 'huge sky-scraper-ville'. It was closed for the afternoon so we went over to the current state capitol, which is still probably 200 years old, or more and happened upon an open-air Gospel Festival with a choir and everything, all in the pavilion green.

Near there is this archway that was built as a memorial to all the fallen during the Civil War. Really pretty.


Amber Baker said...

That looks fun! I'm glad you guys are getting out and exploring the area. I bet it is awesome!t

jon and marni said...

You guys are so adventuresome!!

Heather, my heart goes out to you with sleep. I got "Good night, sleep tight" from the library and really enjoyed it, also the sleep easy solution gave helpful info but I didn't use their strategy.......depends on your "style". When you've got to help a baby, have a spouse busy, and helping a toddler with fears it is exhausting!!!!!

The Davies Family said...

I'm all about hitting the 'tourist' spots..then you can always say, 'I've been there' its great! I love finding new and old places to explore!
Fall out here is amazing!
Hopefully you didn't get hit to hard with 'left-over' hurricane Ike